About us

It is a great pleasure to welcome you here to our home – a home of enthusiasm, courage, and confidence in our work.

But how it all started...

We first heard of black garlic in 2016. Since we grew and ate common garlic, the information about black garlic was something new and intriguing. The idea of making our own black garlic was born. Like the black garlic, the idea ripened in our heads until the summer of 2018, when we made it a reality. The first experiments began. We worked with a home-made black garlic ripening cabinet and understood how the fermentation process works and what is needed for a good result. We continued to improve and started small-scale production with industrial equipment suitable for ripening black garlic. Thus, we developed production step by step and in 2021 we opened a full-fledged black garlic factory.

What is Moonletts?

We have so many different ideas, but can we capture them all? Ideas orbit us like natural satellites around planets. We often look at them as if they were the Moon, but few dare to approach it. It takes courage and curiosity to take the first step in a new and unusual direction. Capture the right idea and take a cosmic journey to a new realm of flavours! Moonletts offers a variety of products made in Latvia from black garlic for enthusiasts of new flavours. Unprecedented connections that surprise and delight. Created with creative imagination and persistent work. It is a new taste that gourmets will appreciate. It is a happening!

Moonletts is your companion in the world of taste and refinement!

Our core business is the production of black garlic. We use it to make a variety of products to ensure a diverse range and to meet the different needs and preferences of our customers. High product quality and excellent customer service are our priority!

Limited Liability Company BGC has signed an agreement with Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) on Incubation support within the framework of the ERDF Project No. “Regional Business Incubators and Creative Industries Incubator”.